Park Place Veterinary Hospital

92 Old Homestead Highway
Keene, NH 03431


Emergency Care





Park Place Veterinary Hospital is proud to offer after-hours emergency veterinary triage to our clients through video telehealth services. The VetTriage veterinarians will give you direction and inform you if your pet needs to be seen immediately.


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If your pet needs to be seen after regular business hours, there are a few 24/7 Emergency Centers

about an hours drive:



VCA Capital Area Veterinary Emergency and Specialty

1 Intervale Rd. Concord, NH

Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Hospital

141 Greenfield Rd. S. Deerfield, MA


63 Evans Drive, Lebanon, NH 03766

Veterinary Emergency Center of Manchester

2743 Brown Ave, Manchester, NH 03103

Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University

55 Willard St, North Grafton, MA 01536

Massachusetts Veterinary Referral Hospital

20 Cabot Road, Woburn, MA 01801




Is your pet having an emergency?  Any time you would call your doctor with a similar problem, you should call us. Some of the most common calls we receive each day include ailments with symptoms such as:

 Not eating



 Breathing difficulty - this can be a life threatening emergency that shouldn't wait until the following day if it is after regular hours.

 Eye concerns - this is a same day emergency

Park Place Veterinary Hospital makes every effort to treat pets in a timely manner, especially those in emergency situations, because we value every animal, and wish to provide the best care possible. Often the most serious conditions require the animal to be seen that day.

Park Place Veterinary Hospital provides urgent care/emergency services for our clients when needed during business hours. After hours, there is no local hospital at this time.  VetTriage gives you 24 hour access to a veterinarian.  See the other hospitals about an hour's drive on our emergency listing.


If your dog get quills from a porcupine,  recommend you immediately bring in your dog so that a veterinarian can safely remove the quills under sedation.  This way all the quills can be removed including broken ones under the skin, which can cause infecton.

We don't recommend trying to remove the quills at home.  Quills often break if pulled out incorrectly, and some are so deep they are impossible to remove by pulling alone. Broken quills can cause pain which can lead to infection requiring treatment by a veterinarian if any portion of the quill is left in place. 

If your dog is difficult to hold, has become agitated and/or tries to bite you, he will likely require sedation to lay still and taking him to the veterinarian may be your only option.