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What to expect with Euthanasia



About Euthanasia

Our pets are a part of the family.
Letting a pet go is always a difficult decision.
Park Place Veterinary Hospital is here to help you through it.Below are some thoughts to help you reach that decision.
Are there more good days or bad days?
What are the things your pet has always loved to do. Are they doing them anymore? We will try and help you assess your pets’ quality of life.
Euthanasia is a great gift; it is kind to be able to relieve suffering.


The Process:

We strive to make the process comfortable and caring at this difficult time. We recognize that letting a pet go can be the kindest act.

Our goal, after you have made the decision to relieve your pet's suffering due to pain or when recovery is unlikely, is to make it as peaceful and calm as possible.  We will sedate your pet and then give an intravenous injection.  We encourage but do not require you to be present for the entire process. It is a peaceful time and we can answer all questions before, during and after.